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The Amplify feature works with maps, the Accordance Timeline tool, Bible texts, and more. Think of it as a quick way to find content in any kind of Accordance book quickly from the toolbar or menu. I only wish it also offered an entry in the right-click menu.

That brings me to another strength of Accordance 12, the various paths of finding information. You can …

The list offers only a few of the methods. This shows the incredible versatility of Accordance. A new user can open up the program and probably find what they’re looking for quickly and open it. Advanced users can move beyond the basics and dive deeper into the tools and do incredibly advanced research with the Accordance 12 tools. The user-interface gets out of the way except when you want it to make this obvious.

They say a picturesays a thousand words and seeing the culture and landscape of the Bible helps understand it better. The Accordance Bible Softwareteam boasts about includingresidents of the Holy Land. That means they get some of the best photographs of the Bible lands. Some of these come in base packages but will cost extra. The gigs of imagery available will boost your understanding of the places and people of the Bible.

Damascus taken from Near East Photo Guide

The great imagery starts with the Atlas, already mentioned above. Add to that some beautiful Accordance Bible Lands Photo Guides. Go look at the nice collection of AmoonyFashion Womens Closed Round Toe High Heel Wedge Soft Material PU Solid Pumps Pink tqDWw4YkTB
to add to your Accordance library.

Along with all the program’s power and speed as well as its great features, it could improve in threeimportant ways. First, the user notes tool is subpar compared to other comparably powerful Bible study programs . Accordance improved the notes feature in version 12 by adding Unicode support that lets you type in other languages with non-Roman characters like Greek, Hebrew, and Chinese. It also improves user formatting so notes will look better if you want.

However, the User Notes tool doesn’t update automatically. Notice the “Update” button in the lower right-hand corner. If you try to exit the note, it will ask you if you want to update and thus save your note. Other programs just save them without user input, which is much safer and protects the user from forgetting to save before walking away from their computer. Then if the computer shuts off because of a power outage, their notes aren’t lost.

Second, to sync with the free SHOWHOW Womens Comfy Round Toe Ankle Strap Pumps Black HnyABkt
, the user has to go to the Accordance menu on the computer and choose Sync with Mobile Device. On themobile app, start a sync from the Library screen. Tap the sync button. Go back to the computer and choose the iOS device to sync.That’s annoying, considering other companies with mobile devices offer automatic syncing with their mobile apps.

Finally, Accordance usesDropbox to backup personal files. Users must rely on athird-party tool and some might not appreciate that. You don’t have to use Dropbox, however.

In April 1856 Pelham wrote to the Commissioner of the General Land office in Washington D.C. and requested a $1,000 appropriation to construct a stone vault for the safekeeping of the land records he had acquired. Pelham explained that all buildings in Santa Fe were constructed of "sundried bricks," which could be easily breached by anyone determined to do so. Minishion Womens Crystals Wedge Satin Wedding Party Prom Pumps White9cm Heel YiyIcdcjAT

Pelham's concerns for the security of the documents had been expressed before by public officials in Santa Fe. Governor James S. Calhoun had earlier suggested to the Territorial Legislature that if they could not provide funds for a safe repository for New Mexico's archives, they should at least consider hiring a night watchman to prevent break-ins. [15]

In May 1856 Pelham once again wrote to the commissioner to inform him that several buildings in Santa Fe had been broken into during the past month and to repeat the urgency of his request for funds to construct a vault. [16] Four months later, Pelham was still trying to justify his original request. In response to questions from Washington, he argued that it was not feasible to purchase an iron safe large enough to hold the documents. Such an item could be found only "in the states," he noted, and it would have to be shipped to New Mexico at a cost more than twice the amount of his original request. He also noted that it would not be practical to locate them elsewhere in the territory.

Pelham also advised his superiors in Washington that roofs in New Mexico tended to leak under the best of conditions, and the documents that had been placed under his care were in danger of becoming wet every time it rained. He further emphasized that the documents which he had been assigned to safeguard were irreplaceable, and that any loss would be considered "very great." [17]

Despite his efforts Pelham never got his stone vault. His actions, however, demonstrate a genuine concern for the safety and security of the records placed under his care. It may be said that although the survival of New Mexico's archives often can be attributed to interventions of “divine favor,” credit for the survival of the land grant records also can be attributed to timely intervention by the federal government.

In this manner a portion of New Mexico's Spanish and Mexican archives were removed from the custody of territorial officials. The land records Pelham withdrew from the Palace of the Governors remained in federal custody for more than a hundred years. They did, however, remain in New Mexico.

Throughout the remainder of the nineteenth century various officials expressed their concerns about the historical documents which remained in territorial offices at the Palace. During the mid-1850s responsibility for these archives fell to the territorial librarian whose primary duty was to maintain the Law Library. Rieker HerrenSlipper Braun 2 Chestnut/Amaretto/Royal 3Wb1DiBfc
Men who held this position continually commented on the lack of facilities and the primitive conditions under which they operated. In 1867, incumbent Librarian José María Alarid complained that his predecessor had refused to provide him a current inventory of the books in the library and that he had found all the books simply piled on the dirt floor of the library in no discernible order. [19] Alarid's report had a familiar ring to it, since his own predecessor had complained of these same problems two years earlier. AmoonyFashion Womens Round Closed Toe Soft Material Assorted Color Lace Up PumpsShoes Beige QXW8apV

Columbia Law Review

Theis published eight times a year, in every month but February, July, August, and September. At this time, the Articles Committee and the Essays Reviews Committee are reviewing submissions for the s Fall 2018 issues and later. Please contact adidas Nitrocharge 20 TRX FG Mens Football Boots Cleats Blue KIAryqTQtr
, Executive Articles Editor, or Anika Havaldar , Executive Essays Reviews Editor, with any questions about submission guidelines or procedures.

We accept and manage submissions exclusively through Scholastica. We are excited to partner with Scholastica, as it enables us to provide better, faster and more consistent feedback and an improved submission experience for you in the future. As a first step, we encourage authors to create an account at.

Peer Review Because peer review of articles and essays improves the’s selection process and helps to verify piece originality, thestrongly prefers subjecting submitted pieces to peer review, contingent on piece-selection timeframes and other extenuating circumstances.

I. Submissions instructions

Thehas separate Scholastica submissions pages for Articles, Essays and Book Reviews, and . As a result, you will not be able to submit to thesimultaneously with your larger pool of Scholastica submissions. Instead, please use the links below to access the right submission page for your piece. You can also access these pages by searching foron Scholastica. Please see the Submission Categories section below for further instructions regarding which submission category is appropriate for your piece.

If you have submitted to us in the past and wish us to consider your previous submission, please resubmit your piece to us through Scholastica.

Institutions can create accounts to pay for their authors’ submissions to Scholastica, so authors affiliated with law schools will have the same payment experience they have had on ExpressO. Scholastica is committed to ensuring that authors are able to submit articles regardless of institutional support and will consider requests for fee waivers and other accommodations at.Additional information about Scholastica is available on their site.

We are not part of the general Scholastica submissions pool. Submissions to thewill need to be done separately from Scholastica submissions to other journals, using the links below:

To submit an Article, please click .

To submit an Essay or Book Review, please click .

To submit a piece to , please click .

II. Submission Requirements

Thehas a strong preference for accepting pieces between 20,000 and 37,000 words (including footnotes). For additional information regarding submission requirements, please see thesection below.

We will not consider student-written Articles or Essays. We do, however, accept student-writtensubmissions.

III. Expedited Review

If you have received an offer from another journal and would like to request an expedited review, pleasedo so through Scholastica. To do this, login to your Scholastica account, go to “My Manuscripts”, click on “Manage Submission” for your submission to our journal, and then click on Expedite Requests”.

Please be aware of the‘s policy concerning expedited reviews: If themakes an offer of publication for an Article, Essay, or Book Review following an expedited review, the author has only one hour from the time of actual notification in which to accept the offer. This policy does not apply topieces.

IV. Withdrawal

We appreciate if you are able to let us know if you decided to withdraw your article from consideration. You may do this through your Scholastica submissions page.

We urge you to visit our homepage for examples of recent Article, Essay, andpublications to get a better sense of the difference between the three categories. If you are getting ready to submit and have a question about which submission category is appropriate for your piece, please reach out to the relevant Executive Editor and we will do our best to provide guidance.

I. Print Publication

Theis proud to publish both Articles and Essays in its print volumes. While Articles and Essays are distinct in substance and tone, there is no difference in citation format between the two and our editing process is the same for both Articles and Essays.


Articles tend to analyze a problem and suggest a solution. Such analysis usually articulates some background information to inform the reader, before turning to a novel argument. Along these lines, published articles regularly follow a traditional roadmap of introduction, background, analysis/argument, and conclusion, and provide a comprehensive treatment of a particular area of law. Articles tend to be formal in both the author’s tone and in the obligation to ground information and analysis in comprehensive substantive support via consistent citation.

To submit an Article, please click, or on the button below.


Essays tend to explore novel issues. They are similar to Articles both with respect to scope and sophistication. Essays tend to differ from Articles in that they often exercise significantly more structural, stylistic, and substantive flexibility. Essay authors wield this flexibility in a wide variety of ways, with some choosing to pursue an ambitious rethinking of an entire area of law, and others choosing instead to present a provocative theory that concerns a single concept or doctrine. Essays also tend to be shorter than Articles, although they need not be.

Thealso accepts book reviews for publication. Completed book reviews are strongly preferred to book review proposals, but proposals will be considered.

To submit an Essay or Book Review, please click, or on the button below.

II. Online Publication

is committed to publishing responses to scholarship that appears in the’s print edition, as well as original pieces addressing pressing and dynamic legal issues. The criteria for onlinepublication are consistent with the’s standards as a leading source of legal scholarship. Given that‘spurpose is to provide an online forum for legal discussion from a variety of perspectives, we strongly encourage authors to limit their submissions to 3,000-6,000 words (including footnotes). Submissions should also conform to the requirements (aside from word count suggestions) listed above. pieces are published throughout the year on a continuous basis. Published content is available on Westlaw, LexisNexis, Hein, and EBSCO in addition to being permanently available online in .pdf format.

To submit a piece to , please click, or on the button below.

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